Women's Leadership Program

Specifically focused on women in executive positions, women business owners, and women in the professions. This is a program of strategic guidance and empowering support for women who want to be more powerful and effective in their careers.

How does it work?
Dr. Sawin provides Strategic Guidance and Support on a weekly basis to address current issues in women's business activities in order the facilitate maximum performance and maximum job satisfaction.

How is it unique from other coaching or leadership training?
Dr. Sawin has studied gender issues and women's issues since 1970 and appreciates the value women bring to leadership in any enterprise that involves relationships with other people. These qualities are not typically found among male leaders.

In addition, Dr. Sawin has an amazing ability to really hear what clients say to him, he has an uncanny ability to get to the core of an issue and has useful and effective suggestions for client's consideration. He is very smart and at the same time warm and caring. One of his clients refers to him as a "laser with a heart."

Who participates in this program?
Women who are already corporate and business leaders and those who will become so.

What do women gain by participating in the program?
A clearer sense of their value, their potentials and how to manifest those most effectively. The outcome of the work is greater personal and professional power and impact. And greater self-confidence in their ability to make a meaningful and valuable difference!

When do the calls/conferences take place (how long are sessions)?
The telephone meetings are weekly, three times a month, with a virtual telephone group meeting on the fourth week of each month. Individual meetings are 25 minutes long and group meetings are 50 minutes long.

Where do the calls/conferences take place?
Clients talk with Dr. Sawin from the privacy and comfort of their office at a pre-arranged time that is convenient to the client.