Workshop, Seminar and Public Lecture Topics

Manifest Your Purpose:
Using Possibility, Vision and Intention.

Life Satisfaction:
Creating a Richer, Fuller Existence

Meaningful Personal Connections:
Creating More Nourishing, Joyful Relationships at Home and Work

The Power of Androgyny:
Integrating Feminine and Masculine Qualities into an Effective, Productive Self

Humanitarian Corporate Environments:
Inspiring Inherent Power, Potential and Peak Performance

Having it All!
Creating Balance Among Self, Family and Work

Make a Difference!
Power That Inspires, Supports and Works

It May Not Be What You Think

Give up the Struggle and Win!
The Myths of Power and Control

You'll Find it Inside

Finding Inherent Self:
Being the Best you Can Be.

Finally! Instructions:
Twelve-Step Principles That Work

The Power of Acceptance and Surrender

Self Appreciation:
Finding Your True Value

Shaping Your Legacy:
Parent Power and Effectiveness

Appreciating Humanity:
Experiencing the Richness and Joy of Human Differences

Receiving the Gifts:
Allowing Prosperity and Abundance into Your Life