Let's face it, we could all use some help sometimes. That is where Life Skills Training Institute comes in. Comprised of some of the leading health and wellness professionals in the industry, LSTI proudly offers the right perspective, resources and information you need to achieve a more balanced life at home and at work. We are a community of people just like you who are interested in mutual support, self-help, and tangible results.

Professional Development Individual Services

We offer a variety of services for the business, or the business-minded.

Executive Coaching: for executives and managers who want to sharpen their skills and improve their effectiveness.

Business Coaching: for business owners who want to run their businesses more effectively and increase profits.

Woman Leadership Program: Specifically focused on women in executive positions, women business owners, and women in the professions. This is a program of strategic guidance and empowering support for women who want to be more powerful and effective in their careers.

Workshops & Speaking Opportunities: focus on business performance, motivation, team-building, management, communication, organization, team-building and leadership.

Life Coaching: for those who long for self-improvement in career, relationships, health, or overall wellness.

Career Coaching: for people who want to enhance their current career and those who want to change to more satisfying and higher paying positions.